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National Grappling Rating Service : 2014 Season
"RANKED - Get In The Hunt"

Mission Statement
The intent of Ranked is to stimulate greater interest in Grappling at all levels, to recognize each of those athletes who achieve success, and to hasten the recognition of our sport as one of the world's greatest.

What is Grappling?
Wrestling is the world's oldest, greatest sport. The heart of wrestling, in each of its hundreds of forms, is efficient control of the opponent. Historically, this control has been recognized in one of three distinct forms - pinning, throwing/lifting, and submission. Across continents and through time, matches have variously ended when there is a pin, when one player is down, or when a player submits. The greatest exhibition of control not just in wrestling, but in all of sports, is forcing your opponent to submit. While there is a long tradition in various cultures of jacket wrestling until one player quits, organized matches to submission without a gi or equivalent have only recently gained widespread recognition. This sport is called Grappling.

Benefits of Ranked
There is no credible sport in the USA without a national and regional ranking system. A ranking system is not just a helpful addition, it HAS to happen. The benefits are countless, but include:
  • A ranking system brings credibility with the media, potential sponsors, arena managers, and virtually everyone else that is not already inside the sport.
  • Athletes will compete more often, to earn more ranking points.
  • Winners will get their due recognition.
  • A national database of grapplers will help to end 'sandbagging' and bring fairness to the sport in a number of other ways.

How does it work?
When a competitor enters an event, he or she characteristically fills out a form with name, age, sex, experience, and contact information. This information is entered into the Ranked Grappler Database.

The event coordinator mails or emails the event results to the Ranked data entry staff member. They in turn enter the results into the Ranked database. Once the tournament is “closed and Ranked”, the competitor’s points are awarded to their profile. The points accumulate throughout the Ranked season which runs from January 1st to December 31st of that year.

When a competitor signs up for Ranked the competitor can track their Ranked points throughout the year and see where they stand among other grapplers nationally, regionally, and those within their state of residence. They will be ranked by their age and gender. There a separate rankings for grappling (no gi) and BJJ (gi) rules. Points are tabulated for each place, and the score is weighted by the number of entrants at that event. A larger event is worth more ranking points.

By signing up for Ranked you are given access to your Ranked account where you can update your contact information, school or team, and post a photo of yourself. You can also check your results and make sure they are correct. Rankings are available online 24/7/365. In addition, Gladiator magazine runs articles on RANKED and recognizes Ranked champions.

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