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National Grappling Rating Service : 2014 Season
"RANKED - Get In The Hunt"

Your first decision is whether or not you want your event RANKED. The benefits are considerable, including:

  • Increased number of participants at your event,
  • as they can earn further ratings points;
  • National recognition of your event;
  • National recognition of the winners at your event;
  • Minimizing of sandbagging;
  • Credibility with the media, sponsors, etc.
Requirements for events which are stated in the RANKED contract:
  1. The RANKED logo must be displayed on all of your promotional materials including: All web promotion, including your web site and email announcements; All print promotion, including fliers; All other promotional materials in which a mention is suitable.

  2. Steps taken AFTER your event. You must mail us two complete sets of information within 14 days of your event:

    • The contact information for each entrant at your event including first name, last name, street address, town, state, zip, email;
    • The list by name of each place winner (1-3) and the exact division in which they placed.
    • You MUST make sure that this information is collected during the event. Please arrange a suitable procedure for its collection prior to the event.

  3. There is $100.00 charge which is passed directly to a data entry company to enter your event results and winners for you. Please make your checks out to Elaine Henderson. Mail the check together with all the entry forms (Name/Address/email) and results to:

    • Elaine Henderson
      146 Center Road
      Vernon, CT 06066

  4. Get my event RANKED - Click here

  5. I you would also like to list my event on MixedMartialArts.com's event calendar - Click here. Click ’Events’, then ’Add Event’. Please note that you must have an account to add an event (signing up is free).

For more information see our help section by clicking here.

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