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National Grappling Rating Service : 2014 Season
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Top questions for Promoters

1. How do I get my event ranked?

To get your event Ranked Click here. Follow the instructions, enter your event info, and you are all set!

You can also advertise your event at mixedmartialarts.com. They are a big supporter of Ranked events and offer your event exposure to thousands of grapplers and mixed martial artists. Ranked highly suggests advertising there.

2. What does ranked cost?

The fee to get an event Ranked is $99. There is also a $100 data entry fee to enter all the event data (competitors and division winners).

To pay for a Ranked event please Click here.

The $100.00 data entry fee needs to be sent in along with the competitor’s info and event results. Please make your check out to Elaine Henderson and mail to:

Elaine Henderson
146 Center Road
Vernon, CT 06066

3. What are my duties when signing up for ranked?

You must collect your competitor’s information in detail. Ranked needs the competitor’s; full name, date of birth, school/team, and address (email and phone number are optional). We suggest making copies of your registration forms and mailing those in to Elaine Henderson (data entry person), or creating a Microsoft Word document with all the information and email Elaine. You can also mail in all the division winner sheets, or create a Word or Excel document with the division winners and email it to Elaine (contact Ranked for her email address).

4. What happens in the event of a tie?

There are no ties in ranked, the promoter must decide who places in each division.

5. What is a delinquent event?

This is when you have not sent in your data (competitor’s info and division winners) to us within 21 days of your tournament.

Grapplers take competing in Ranked tournaments seriously. Being a Ranked champion is a prestigious title. Tournaments that do not send in their results in a timely manner risk losing a committed competitor, and the ability to hold Ranked events in the future. Please be considerate towards your competitors and the grappling community, get your results in on time.

If an event is delinquent, they will be contacted and given one week (unless other arrangements are made) to send in their data. If they fail to send in the data they will be reviewed and possibly banned from involvement with Ranked.

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