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Top questions for RANKED competitors

1. How do I become ranked?

It is simple, there are two things you need to do:
  1. Register for RANKED: click here
  2. Compete and place in the Top 3 of your divisions(s) in any Ranked event to obtain Ranked points. To view past Ranked event results click here.
Good Luck!

2. Why are my Ranked points under two (or more) names?

Sometimes a promoter when entering the data will misspell your name or use your full name instead of your shortened name (uses Joseph instead of Joe). This will cause two separate entries for you in the Ranked database. When you sign up for Ranked this can be easily corrected. If you notice this happening after you sign up for Ranked you can email ranked@nagafighter.com and we will correct it.

3. I competed in an event and my points are not there. What is the problem?

There are a few of reasons this may have happened. Tournament results can take up to 21 days to be entered and even longer is promoters are delinquent. There could be an issue where you have multiple Ranked profiles due to a misspelling of your name. Please see section 2 for more information on this.

When a promoter signs up for Ranked they have entered into a contract that requires them to mail in their results to Ranked within 10 days. If they do not mail in the results in that timeframe then they become a delinquent event. We actively pursue all delinquent events, but you can help by contacting the promoter and telling them you the Ranked points you have earned.

4. I need to update my Date of Birth, Email, Address Etc.

Once you are Ranked you will have the ability to update your information by logging into your Ranked account. To login click HERE.

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